Lack of commitment is the biggest reason social media fails

3 Jan

I will admit, sometimes I get tired of what I do.  I don’t want to look at facebook or twitter and wish it was never invented.  Then, of course, I slap myself and remember how incredible it is.  I have met so many individuals around the world who are so knowledgeable and are life long learners, sharing with me and you.  Social media can help level the playing field as well in many areas of business.  Here is an article by Nan Finn that reminded me of what I do well and what I need to improve.

When Social Media Fails

Lack of commitment

The biggest reason social media endeavors fail is because of a lack of commitment. Not that someone necessarily needs to be tweeting 24/7, but a consistent commitment is required to be successful. Social Media is not a billboard or another set-it-and-forget-it endeavor.

Lack of targeting

Like any other marketing vertical, Social Media Marketing needs targeting and positioning. Going on Twitter and compiling a list of people or heading to Facebook and recruiting JUST followers isn’t going to directly help your branding. Take it a step deeper.

Here’s a hint:  Are your customers aware of your social media marketing presence?

Talking AT and not TO someone

People don’t get on social media platforms to be smothered by broadcast messages. If they wanted to be spammed at, they would either listen to the radio or watch TV and not TIVO through the commercials. As mentioned in the previous post, social media users look to be treated as equals.

Remember, you are not the reason the users are on the platforms. They are on these platforms by choice. Don’t give them a reason to leave.

Give instead of asking

This isn’t a dig on the dying search engine It’s the introduction to “permission marketing”.

When Social Media Succeeds


Social Media is no different than any other endeavor. Make sure you have done your homework first. Who are your customers? What is your niche? Take a look at our post “What is a Social Media Listening Command Center” to learn more.

Jump In:  Engage

Interact with the users. Take an interest in what they have to offer. A genuine interest will serve you better, but if you have to be Machiavellian, then c’est la vie – just don’t let anyone know.

Be There

Your brand / business cannot be considered part of the community unless you actually are a part of community. Making a little time in the morning, a little time after lunch and if possible, a little bit at the end of the day, is a good goal to start. Keep in touch with others, promote and engage in good content that others share. Spread the community message. Listen to them and they will listen to you.

Examples of Social Media Successes


It’s not called Social Media because the gimmicks are cool. It’s called Social Media because in order to use to tools successfully, you have to be social. Channel your inner-extrovert; be a human being.

When the communities learn to accept you, they will be more considerate to what you have to offer.

About the Author:

nat finn – An Inbound Marketing Certified Professional & a Google Analytics Qualified Individual, Nat Finn has over 5 years of online marketing experience with his foundation based in SEO, Copywriting, and Social Media.


One Response to “Lack of commitment is the biggest reason social media fails”

  1. Frank Strong January 4, 2011 at 2:36 pm #

    Great post Margaret and couldn’t agree more. Social media does require commitment and a long term perspective! Thanks for linking to the 10 social media success stories — my favorites in that paper were the UK history museum’s creative use of Twitter and AJ Bombers on FourSquare.

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