“They are obsessed with permission”

6 Jan

Who doesn’t follow Seth Godin, right? If you are into permission marketing, you do or well, maybe you just started and don’t know about the king of permission. Anyway, I do but I don’t post much of what he says because so many follow him and already get his post. Another reason I don’t post much of what he says is because of his stature to Seth Godin. I don’t find him to be a listener and I feel that is one of the most important characteristics any business person can have – listening.

However, I found this one particularly interesting because he is talking about smart online commerce and being obsessed with permission. His opinion is that the art of online retailing is moving very very slowly because of difficult maneuvering within the sites, lack of pictures (which I feel is key!) and that the focus is not on the product but the look and feel of the site.  He’s right.  Whatever you sell, make sure the product is the focus and as much information as possible.  He also pointed out that emailing your subscription list with coupons and discount in a timely fashion is smart.  I do to.  I say this because with my business Nosey Parker, I ask clients to have a Nosey Parker Special … very much like membership has it’s privileges.  However, I am told by the high end stores that their clients don’t want discounts but a high quality product that is worth the price.  I disagree and feel that this is a wish of the owner.  When you tell yourself something long enough, you believe it.  Actually, it makes me laugh inside to be honest.  EVERYONE WANTS A DISCOUNT!  I don’t care if you make $12k a year or $12m a year.


I also like this post because he is pointing out businesses who get it right instead of pointing out those that are lame.   By the way, I don’t know if its a good thing to have links within a blog leave your site.  Do you?  Just sayin’ – thought that was common knowledge.


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