Unsure of Mobile Marketing

12 Oct

I’m still on mobile, mainly because I finally figured out how to use it for Nosey Parker.  When initially approached, I turned it down because I would have to send out 5 texts a day to cover all of my clients.  I think my opt-out rate would be high.  The key for me was to let each of my clients have their own mobile community number and the Nosey Parker fans can choose who they would like to follow.  This also puts my client in full control.  I am the provider instead of the user.

I enjoy the Optism-ww.com site and read it frequently. The article for March 4, 2011 included this intro: “With the maturing of mobile marketing, we’re starting to see changes in how marketers are approaching mobile, although as we see from the first item below, change is sometimes very slow. Internet Retailing reviews the results of recent research conducted by M-Retailing and Sponge, a mobile marketing company. One of the main findings of the research was that “Retailers see mobile as a business essential but many [are] unsure how to maximize potential.  – continue

This is exactly what I came across when approaching  my retail clients.  They are very good at what they do … selling their merchandise.  Keeping up with technology changes and knowing the best route to take has been a hurdle.  With limited marketing dollars, playing russian roulette with which technologies to use is not a favorite pastime.

I intend to keep up with technology, but more importantly, I need to decipher, based on my research and expertise, what is best to increase their ROI.




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