Everything You Need To Know About Anything Is Where?

15 Mar

The answer … in a package you can buy now or the price will go up.  HURRY UP!

Today I received an email that said “click on this link and learn everything you need to know about text messaging!”  On the page, a listing of all the packages you could get to use or sell mobile messaging platforms .. include 5 disks to watch.  All for $27 TODAY..  Not tomorrow because then it will $267.  Oh, but wait … there is an exclusive bonus if you act today.  Did I buy?  No.

I am sure that there is valuable information in this package, however, it reminds me of the onslaught of “become a social media guru and get tons of fans on Facebook” NOW.  So, we now have  tons of people calling themselves social media experts, guru’s, visionaries, etc.  It was the latest “title” for anyone to give themselves that could read a bullet point list and follow instructions.  (Who cares about ROI, right?)

I’ve been using permission-based marketing (PERKETING!) for four years now as an add-on to my technology experience.  Nosey Parker came about because a friend, who owned a high-end boutique in Beaumont, TX, was frustrated by the lack of tracking in traditional print advertising.  Although Nosey Parker is a catchy brand, it’s all about increasing margins for small business that market to women who want retail-relationships.  I define retail-relationships as those women who want to invest their money in quality products and service, not necessarily price point and convenience shoppers.   Two years ago, I was approached about adding Mobile Marketing to Nosey Parker but again, it was not about me texting whoever constantly.  As many clients as I have in three markets, I would wear out  my welcome promoting those businesses.  I studied it and decided that if I used this perketing mechanism, I would need to own my own platform.  I studied it and wrote down the pro’s and con’s, the “highly cheap, get an account in five minute platforms” vs the multi-dimensional platforms that address different needs.  Of course, I went with the latter.

“Everything You Need To Know About Anything Is Where?”  In your own research … that is where.  Yes, there is something to be said about paying for others research but I am sure there is a catch as well.  I don’t like the idea of selling experience and then using it as your own… calling yourself an expert.  I’d rather hear “I’m new at this but in my experience and success, this is what I have learned”.

When did actual experience, paying your dues and paying as little as possible (expecting HUGE results) go to the bottom of the list when you decide to do business with someone.  In the city where I live, there is a business who is known for replicating everyone.  You are almost afraid to come out with something because in five minutes, they have added it to their list of services.  Recently I ran into a former client, who decided not to renew with me because she was offered what she believed to be the same service … for free.  I said “hey, haven’t seen you around or on facebook, twitter .. anywhere for that matter”.    She  no longer believed that any social media worked because she was sold a bill of goods called FREE and because that didn’t work, we all were scamsters.  Sigh.

“Everything You Need To Know About Anything Is Where?”  On a downloadable package that will make you a gazillionaire and guru over night.




One Response to “Everything You Need To Know About Anything Is Where?”

  1. June Swatzell March 15, 2012 at 6:41 pm #

    This is right to the point and right on. You have to educate yourself so you can be successful and help others. Thank you for the blog!

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