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Reaching Beyond Who You Think You Are

6 Jun

It’s been three months since I posted.  Wow! I do have an excuse though.  BUSY!  Not only do I own Nosey Parker, create all the products and services for this entity, I also write copy for websites, helping businesses create action oriented messaging.  It’s something I do just for me because I really enjoy it.  Recently I’ve picked up a “music industry” account and it’s really fun, so totally different than all the businesses I’ve worked with in the past.  I’m reaching beyond who I thought I was and expanding my reach.  Getting into the mindset of a hip hop artist and their fans or a jazz musician and his fans, is not anything I would have imagined.

Here are a few tips everyone should keep in mind to ‘Reach Beyond Who You Think You Are” – whether you work for yourself or someone else:

  • Talk to everyone about what you do, it speaks to the passion derived from doing what you love.
  • Expose your talents to different people and types of companies you don’t typically work with or imagine.  It’s a great way to stay innovative.
  • Increases your marketability.
  • Totally makes you spit out a great elevator speech because the person you are reaching out to may have never heard of you or the type of work you do.  Nosey Parker is a perfect example.  Typically, men do not understand it at al, however they look at my work, see that it is highly creative and along with the rest of my resume, assume correctly that I can branch out to their business as well.
  • Deciding to quit a job or close a business is traumatizing, but it can be easier if you have branched out and created connections to use your talents in other venues..

I hope this was helpful.  Love to hear your tips as well.


Comprehensive Blogging Checkoff List

10 Jan

I really like Copyblogger. The information they put out is excellent and although most of the information they give I implement already, I always fine something I need to do or add.  Looking over their week in review, the post on “125 Tips for Building an Irresistible Brand” was particularly interesting because for any beginning blogger, it’s a detailed check off list.  For a seasoned blogger, tweeking and “omg! why don’t I do that!” is the thought.  I learned that one of the things I don’t do for my Nosey Parker business is seek feedback.  So, I am going to implement five different ways to do that because sometimes you solicit it and don’t get a response.  My categories for seeking feedback are my audience, my clients, my industry peers, other bloggers and mobile marketing professionals.

Thanks Copyblogger for yet another useful post.  So do you “know yourself, know your audience, know your competition, building a brand experience, and know how to implement?”  Check out the list at

Interaction.. the key to keeping customers interested

25 Nov

I research information through Google Alerts on integrated marketing and permission marketing. I also read a few blogs of twitter friends.  I enjoyed the information from the Blog Guru. Enjoy.

by the Blog Guru

Getting The Best Of Facebook For Integrated Marketing Strategies

“Research and logic has shown, the more you interact with your customers and the more they interact with you, the more likely you are to show up in their Top News feed.”

Marketing Alternatives to the iPhone

12 Jul

from OPTISM:

Taking a look at things from the advertisers’ perspective, Marketing Vox asks Is It Time to Consider Mobile Marketing Alternatives to the iPhone? They suggest that “marketers might want to at least contemplate alternative – or complementary – paths to reaching the mobile space.” While display-based apps and banner ads are part of the marketing mix, they are not the only options out there. Marketers need to consider reach and although the smartphone and tablet markets are growing, there is a considerable audience without these devices that can be targeted. A permission-based mobile marketing service that utilizes SMS and MMS messaging can offer advertisers access to a mass audience. By taking it a step further, brands can engage in a dialogue with consumers, advertisers can be assured their messages are being heard – plus each conversational exchange enhances their understanding of their audiences’ preferences.

The release of research results from Harris Interactive created some buzz. Citing research findings, Internet Retailing reports that mobile marketing is influencing a third of U.S. shoppers to visit certain stores and “as many as 27% say it has also impacted their decision to purchase goods”. Once again, the importance of relying on subscriber opt-in is emphasized and the value of messaging is recognized: “An average of 40% of all cell phone owners say that texting is “extremely” or “very important” to them.”

Hip & True! Social Media Marketing Company

16 Jun

Looking through 100’s of YouTube posts and opinions on Social Media. This one is good!

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Seth Godin on Social Media

16 Jun

As I’ve been saying … and let me add that the definition of social is to engage. If you are not engaging, all you are doing is pushing your products.

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