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Comprehensive Blogging Checkoff List

10 Jan

I really like Copyblogger. The information they put out is excellent and although most of the information they give I implement already, I always fine something I need to do or add.  Looking over their week in review, the post on “125 Tips for Building an Irresistible Brand” was particularly interesting because for any beginning blogger, it’s a detailed check off list.  For a seasoned blogger, tweeking and “omg! why don’t I do that!” is the thought.  I learned that one of the things I don’t do for my Nosey Parker business is seek feedback.  So, I am going to implement five different ways to do that because sometimes you solicit it and don’t get a response.  My categories for seeking feedback are my audience, my clients, my industry peers, other bloggers and mobile marketing professionals.

Thanks Copyblogger for yet another useful post.  So do you “know yourself, know your audience, know your competition, building a brand experience, and know how to implement?”  Check out the list at http://www.copyblogger.com/irresistible-brand/