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RSS Subscribers The Cornerstone of Permission Marketing

17 Dec

This is one of the best posts on Permission Marketing that I’ve seen.  Most of the information I come across is common sense and super re-iterated across the internet by everyone who calls themselves a permission marketer or produces a email marketing software system.

Are RSS Subscriber Numbers Bogus?

The post is from Brian Clark , the founding editor of Copyblogger, and co-founder of Teaching Sells and Lateral Action. (Get more from Brian on Twitter). My favorite statement isMy whole goal is true engagement through true opt-in subscribers”!  Yes!!!!  Me too and in my other businesses not just my blog.  My Perketing Blog is new and I am still deciding exactly what I will post to set myself apart.  Perketing is a word I created and I would love for it to turn into an industry word, so I think my blog needs to reflect why it should be used.  My company Nosey Parker is all about pulling in a niche market … so RSS subscribers and serious email subscribers is important to delivering shoppers to my clients.

To be honest, in the past I didn’t understand how these heavily followed social media posters had such huge numbers .   The more I researched into retention, I figured it out.  However, I want real followers, not just numbers.  I started using an app that told me when a follower was last on twitter. What an eye opener!  I like to follow anyone who follows me because I think it’s good karma and a honest way to conduct yourself – NOBODY gets to where they are on their own. I bet if a report was run on someone who had 150k followers on twitter, less than 1/2 would be those who were on twitter within the last 15 days.

Brian Clark ask the question “Would you rather enjoy the benefit of higher subscriber numbers in trade for lower overall engagement (such as having 100K subscribers and three comments per post)?”

My answer: NO  I would rather not … why? because it gives a false sense of success.