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Mobile Web App VS Installed

22 Feb

I recently came out with two mobile apps for Nosey Parker – one for the Inland NW, Oklahoma City and working on Tulsa.  They are of course free and anyone with web access can use them on their phones.  However, the web app is not my ultimate goal … I have iPhone, Droid and Blackberry coming too.  The main reason I am doing native apps is because of the notification abilities using PUSH technology.  And there is the issue with clients.  For some reason, there is an “uneducated” opinion that mobiles apps are not as good as downloadable apps and no one will use them.

Recently, I ran across an article by Brian Haugen called “5 Reasons a Mobile Web App May Be A Better Solution for Your Business than an Installed Native Mobile App”.  Phew… long title.  After reading his opinions, I fall into the Native App category because my app uses gps and notifications.  It took me a long time to find the right “priced” app company to partner with for my apps. The prices are all over the board and if you are not careful, you will pay too much.  Unless you need custom functionality that can only work with smart phones… don’t waste your money is my opinion.  Find a app company like ConQuer Mobile or MagMito or MobileStorm.  All of these have choices of do-it-yourself and/or custom functionality is available.

Brian states that if you are looking for the same functionality as your website, stick with the mobile apps.  Here are his 5 reasons:

  • Due to market-share realities, installed smartphone apps need to be built for at least two platforms (iPhone and Android). There is potentially even more work if you want to support all the other platforms rising in popularity (BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Palm, etc.).
  • Installed apps need to be updated periodically as the platforms make updates. That means an ongoing cost to you.
  • Installed apps should really be used when you need to integrate with the functionality of the phone, such as GPS, notifications, camera, etc.
  • Web apps are good for making information easier to read for people. Examples: try reading The Washington Post or ESPN in your smartphone’s browser using the normal site vs. the Web optimized site.
  • Web apps are generally easier to build and maintain than installed apps.

To read the entire article, check out http://priorityresults.com/blog/5-reasons-a-mobile-web-app-may-be-a-better-solution-for-your-business-than-an-installed-native-mobile-app/