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Can Permission Become Interruption?

16 Dec

BIG YES!  I have been thinking about this very subject when I came across an article by Rasheed Hooda of Present Day Nomads. I too receive daily, if not multi-daily reminders to ACT NOW and I initially subscribed because the information was excellent.  Now … it’s over kill and if I see one more “we are so sorry you will not be a part of this phenomenal program … you still have five minutes!”  #failaffiliatemarketersbigtime

Rasheed says “In a span of one week, I must have received – I kid you not- at least 50 emails between pre-launch alerts, launch notifications, and last minute i-don’t-want-you-to-miss-out-on-this warnings from various affiliate marketers. One of the authors sent out only one notification with only 12 hours left, with a message that said something to the effect that I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you about this before it was over. Thanks.”

Feel free to read the entire article When Permission Marketing Becomes An Interruption.  Thanks Rasheed!

Advice: Do unto others as you would want done to you! Do you personally want to get 50 emails from the same person or entity in a span of a week?  The answer is easy: NO!


Can One Agency Do It All

25 Oct
I enjoyed this post from http://marbella-guide.com. The conversation: With ever changing media platforms is it too much to ask to expect one agency to be able to pull together a comprehensive, marketing campaign that can build brands, engage customers and drives sales? 

Here are a few of their insider tips for selecting a good marketing agency.  Click continue to read all five. 

1. Look for an agency that will listen to your ideas and work with you rather than dictate best practice. If your marketing agency can’t communicate with you then you can’t expect them to assist you in communicating with your customers!
2. Take a close look at their own branding and marketing – does it stand out well? Are they consistent? If the agency has not been able to make a success out of their own brand then how can you expect them to achieve results for you?


Marketing Alternatives to the iPhone

12 Jul

from OPTISM:

Taking a look at things from the advertisers’ perspective, Marketing Vox asks Is It Time to Consider Mobile Marketing Alternatives to the iPhone? They suggest that “marketers might want to at least contemplate alternative – or complementary – paths to reaching the mobile space.” While display-based apps and banner ads are part of the marketing mix, they are not the only options out there. Marketers need to consider reach and although the smartphone and tablet markets are growing, there is a considerable audience without these devices that can be targeted. A permission-based mobile marketing service that utilizes SMS and MMS messaging can offer advertisers access to a mass audience. By taking it a step further, brands can engage in a dialogue with consumers, advertisers can be assured their messages are being heard – plus each conversational exchange enhances their understanding of their audiences’ preferences.

The release of research results from Harris Interactive created some buzz. Citing research findings, Internet Retailing reports that mobile marketing is influencing a third of U.S. shoppers to visit certain stores and “as many as 27% say it has also impacted their decision to purchase goods”. Once again, the importance of relying on subscriber opt-in is emphasized and the value of messaging is recognized: “An average of 40% of all cell phone owners say that texting is “extremely” or “very important” to them.”