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Reaching Beyond Who You Think You Are

6 Jun

It’s been three months since I posted.  Wow! I do have an excuse though.  BUSY!  Not only do I own Nosey Parker, create all the products and services for this entity, I also write copy for websites, helping businesses create action oriented messaging.  It’s something I do just for me because I really enjoy it.  Recently I’ve picked up a “music industry” account and it’s really fun, so totally different than all the businesses I’ve worked with in the past.  I’m reaching beyond who I thought I was and expanding my reach.  Getting into the mindset of a hip hop artist and their fans or a jazz musician and his fans, is not anything I would have imagined.

Here are a few tips everyone should keep in mind to ‘Reach Beyond Who You Think You Are” – whether you work for yourself or someone else:

  • Talk to everyone about what you do, it speaks to the passion derived from doing what you love.
  • Expose your talents to different people and types of companies you don’t typically work with or imagine.  It’s a great way to stay innovative.
  • Increases your marketability.
  • Totally makes you spit out a great elevator speech because the person you are reaching out to may have never heard of you or the type of work you do.  Nosey Parker is a perfect example.  Typically, men do not understand it at al, however they look at my work, see that it is highly creative and along with the rest of my resume, assume correctly that I can branch out to their business as well.
  • Deciding to quit a job or close a business is traumatizing, but it can be easier if you have branched out and created connections to use your talents in other venues..

I hope this was helpful.  Love to hear your tips as well.


Is Human Intellect 95% Feelings?

7 Apr

My background is information technology – 23+ years actually.  When I had to study advertising and marketing to write my business plan for Nosey Parker, the goal was to help small business quantify buyers.  So I needed to know how they currently track results from traditional advertising methods. The first question I ask was “Show me your stats. Give me some evidence of how this works.”  As a past systems engineer, I was very into fact-based discussions.  What I learned is that no matter how much evidence you have that something works or doesn’t work, if a mind is made up for whatever reason, this type of fact -based salesmanship is pointless. There is also a comfort in staying with the same old thing because it’s been around along time.

I was talking to a boutique once and ask them the results they achieved from a print publication.  They said that over the years it’s been hit and miss but that the opportunity to be seen by 75k+ people was the biggest enticement.  However, they could not tell me how many clients they had gained over the years from all of their ads.  I called it playing darts, which they thought was slightly insulting. I also made the mistake of pulling in my own personal preference and behaviors in regards to looking at advertising.  I don’t look at ads online or in most publications to be honest … except in InStyle Magazine  … my mindless pleasure.  I watched an Ignite Video once called “A Barbie Girl in a CS World” – that’s me, kinda.  When speaking with the boutique, I was assuming everyone was me.  They are not.

It is hard to associate comfort, relationships and the “nontechnical factors” when you are a statistics based person.  Give me the facts not your feelings.  Guess what?  I am quite sure now that the human intellect is made of 95% feelings for the most part.  Ignoring it will get you nowhere fast.

I was reminded this week of the selling game, gaining clients by permission, building relationships when my 18 year old son text me the following:  “Mom, a pacemaker company brought all the doctors and nurses here in the ER lunch today from Caruso’s!!! So cool, right? I can’t wait til I’m a doctor!”  I am sure that if you just read the stats and information on results from this pacemaker company, you could make a decision on whether you should put it in a human body.  However, with lots of competition and everything being equal … who to use?  The one who brings us lunch that’s who!

According to permission marketing guru Seth Godin “evidence isn’t the only marketing tactic that is effective. In fact, it’s often not the best tactic. What would change his mind, what would change the mind of many people resistant to evidence is a series of eager testimonials from other tribe members who have changed their minds. When people who are respected in a social or professional circle clearly and loudly proclaim that they’ve changed their minds, a ripple effect starts. First, peer pressure tries to repress these flip-flopping outliers. But if they persist in their new mindset, over time others may come along. Soon, the majority flips. It’s not easy or fast, but it happens.”

So true. Press on and go buy someone lunch.

Trends in Mobile Marketing: Show Me The Money

2 Apr

Love this info provided by Rob Petersen on Trends in Mobile Marketing, who I found on Google Alerts and now follow on Twitter. If you enjoy keeping up with Mobile Marketing, which is very “by permission”.. you’ll be encouraged by his take on the trends.

Here are 4 trends to consider.

1.  MOBILE INTERNET WILL SOON OVERTAKE DESKTOP INTERNET:  Mobile internet use is growing so fast, within a few years, more people will access the internet from mobile devices than computers.  Since 90% of all  purchases decisions begin on the internet, that means your phone will be your primary guide to what you buy.

2. MOBILE IS EARNING A RESPECTED PLACE IN THE SHOPPING EXPERIENCE:  Online sales for Black Friday in 2010 were +44% versus a year ago.  The chart below shows the big winner in eCommerce browsing was mobile devices.  The chart below that shows, for the majority, shopping with a mobile device was a very positive experience.

3. THERE’S AN APP FOR THAT:  For a communication and commerce function that didn’t exist 3 years ago, there were 6,000,000,000 mobile app downloads last year.  There are 300,000 apps for the iPhones and 200,000 for Android.   Their reason for being is to bring the world to your fingertaps and transform how fundamental needs like health care, business and entertainment are met.

It is predicted the number of mobile app downloads will peak within the next few years.  As a tool to acceleratate sales for your business, now is a particularly good time to jump in and gain experience.

4.  CONSUMERS DON’T WANT ADS; THEY WANT A 1-TO-1 PERMISSION BASED RELATIONSHIP:  In mobile, like any other channel, the customer is king.  When you speak to them, you either gain permission or invade their personal space.  This is demonstrated by their reaction to traditional ads.

So don’t talk at them; talk to them by asking their permission to have a relationship.  Realize that trust and mutual respect are what wins consumers over in mobile, as they do in all walks of life.