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Do You “Mocial”?

11 Jan

Mocial is a great word like perketing.  It is Mobile and Social = Mocial, like permission and marketing = Perketing.  See why I like it?  According to Steve Jarrett, Chief Executive Officer of MePlease, Mobile marketing and social media are sweet spots.  Moving from one-to-many to one-to-one communication is the holy grail of marketing.  Jarrett points out that “Mocial is the new buzzword – many people think of mobile marketing as a 160-character version of e-mail. Wrong! The very nature of mobile marketing offers retailers the opportunity to reach people at key decision-making moments of the day. ”  EXACTLY!

I will be honest, getting this across to small business is difficult.  I hear all the time “I don’t do it so I know my customers don’t do it.”  I really think they see it as a just a sales pitch for the latest fad.  Numbers don’t lie and I am encouraging clients to ask.  Ask your customers…  how do you use your phone? Ask them in your weekly newsletters.  Ask them on Facebook.  If you don’t believe it, start asking…  don’t assume.  Better yet, every time you are at a traffic light that is red, look at the car beside you.  How many are on their phone? I bet they are not talking? They are texting or reading posts, messages or shopping!

The last point Jarrett makes is “Don’t wait. Start now. Carpe diem! Those Romans knew a thing or two about communication”.  Agree!!

To read all of Jarrett’s post, check him out at http://www.smmmagazine.com/blog/category/permission-marketing/.

Thanks Steve.. I loved the article and the solidification of what I do and preach!