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You Can’t Please Everyone! Niche It!

16 Feb

I like the word “Optism” almost as much as I like “Perketing”.  My word goes beyond just “opting-in” to include marketing – so that’s why it’s better. 🙂  That being said, I read articles on “Optism” a lot, not only for my own business but to understand all that goes into it … like putting customers or readers at the heart of what I write.  I am still working on that because we are taught to educate the masses and get a percentage of the masses to pay attention.  My competition for Nosey Parker is in big cities… like New York and Seattle.  I stay away because even though it may make my life easier in the short run, longevity and competing with the next best thing comes into play too much.  My goal for Nosey Parker is to be highly “nichey” – if that’s a word.  69% of my subscribers read my newsletters from Nosey Parker.  I’d love it to be higher but for now, I am very happy with that number because I know everyone’s email box is bombarded.  I receive approximately 10 emails an hour over five email addresses in a 16 hour period everyday.  A lot of the emails are social media notification of fans/followers as well but many are not and have to be read and responded to.  I sympathize with you and of course, me!

What should you do?

  • Ask for permission for anything you don’t already have permission for.
  • Be Friendly.
  • Only ask once.
  • Be honest about what you are doing with their information you collect. No surprises or illegal uses!
  • Opting out should be easy.
  • What is your reason for getting permission?  Is it a good one? Great content, interesting information, etc.  Otherwise… why get another email?

The permission marketing guru of the world says “Get it right for ten people before you rush around scaling up to a thousand. It’s far less romantic than spending money at the start, but it’s the reliable, proven way to get to scale if you care enough to do the work. – Seth Godin

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Seth Godin Explains Permission Marketing

26 Jul

The man Business Week calls “the ultimate entrepreneur for the Information Age” explains “Permission Marketing” – the groundbreaking concept of marketers to shape their message so that consumers can readily accept. Whether it’s the TV commercial that breaks into our favorite program, or the telemarketing phone call that disrupts a family dinner, traditional advertising, for the hope that grab our attention away from what we do is based. Seth Godin calls this Interruption Marketing, and to discover as a company, it is not working anymore. Instead of annoying potential customers by interrupting their most coveted commodity – time – Permission Marketing offers consumers incentives to accept advertising voluntarily. Now the Internet pioneer is a fundamentally different way of thinking about advertising products and services.

Review for Permission Marketing : Turning Strangers Into Friends And Friends Into Customers – Seth Godin


Marketing Alternatives to the iPhone

12 Jul

from OPTISM:

Taking a look at things from the advertisers’ perspective, Marketing Vox asks Is It Time to Consider Mobile Marketing Alternatives to the iPhone? They suggest that “marketers might want to at least contemplate alternative – or complementary – paths to reaching the mobile space.” While display-based apps and banner ads are part of the marketing mix, they are not the only options out there. Marketers need to consider reach and although the smartphone and tablet markets are growing, there is a considerable audience without these devices that can be targeted. A permission-based mobile marketing service that utilizes SMS and MMS messaging can offer advertisers access to a mass audience. By taking it a step further, brands can engage in a dialogue with consumers, advertisers can be assured their messages are being heard – plus each conversational exchange enhances their understanding of their audiences’ preferences.

The release of research results from Harris Interactive created some buzz. Citing research findings, Internet Retailing reports that mobile marketing is influencing a third of U.S. shoppers to visit certain stores and “as many as 27% say it has also impacted their decision to purchase goods”. Once again, the importance of relying on subscriber opt-in is emphasized and the value of messaging is recognized: “An average of 40% of all cell phone owners say that texting is “extremely” or “very important” to them.”


16 Jun
What is Ignite?
Ignite is a geek event in over 100 cities worldwide. At the events Ignite presenters share their personal and professional passions, using 20 slides that auto-advance every 15 seconds for a total of just five minutes.

Ignite Spokane is brought to you by PERKETING.COM. Fifty percent of ticket sales will go the Nosey Parker Foundation.  The event will take place September 30, 2010 at The Bing.

Hip & True! Social Media Marketing Company

16 Jun

Looking through 100’s of YouTube posts and opinions on Social Media. This one is good!

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Seth Godin on Social Media

16 Jun

As I’ve been saying … and let me add that the definition of social is to engage. If you are not engaging, all you are doing is pushing your products.

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The evolution: Advertising. Marketing. Permission Marketing … Perketing.

15 Jun
From Wikipedia:
Permission marketing is a term coined by Seth Godin used in marketing in general and e-marketing specifically. The undesirable opposite of permission marketing is interruption marketing. Marketers obtain permission before advancing to the next step in the purchasing process. For example, they ask permission to send email newsletters to prospective customers.  It is mostly used by online marketers, notably email marketers and search marketers, as well as certain direct marketers who send a catalog in response to a request.  Basically, implicit permission has been given by opt-in.

From Me:

Perketing is fast-track permission marketing that allows the marketer to not only stay in front of customers and potential customers through subscriptions but through social media/blog networks that let you stay in front of your customer and potential customers every day.  Perketing levels the playing field so to speak.  A small business owner who sells wares on ETSY can have better margins than that of a department store because they may only have 500 followers through social media and 1000 subscribers to their newsletter, but they can conceivably have a 75% buy in with little overhead.  If small business owners educate themselves even just a little on using Perketing, the ability to track their marketing efforts and turn a window shopper into a buyer becomes a reality.