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Getting Permission … without spending HOURS doing it!

29 Dec

Many think that constructing opt-in lists would take hard work and a lot of time to construct and collect names and addresses. This just isn’t so, it takes a bit of patience and several approaches but in doing so, you open your business to a whole new level of target marketing. It is worth the effort to take your business to the next level.

1)  Website Post: make sure you add a way to sign up for emails in your header as well as at the end of any post.  Basically, you just need to say … Would you like to be notified of future post or subscribe to my newsletter… something that has to do with why the viewer would like to be kept in the loop.

2) Capture Attention: Make sure your website is useful and uncomplicated.  I see a lot of “business card” websites.  Simplicity and sophistication are the best way to keep viewers coming back.

3) Word of mouth: Recommendations alone can rake in more business than an expensive ad or fancy website.

4) Maintain a clean and private list: never lose the trust your customers have entrusted you.

5) Purchase a list: be sure the list you rent or purchase is opt-in. By using these pre-built opt-in lists, it really is feasible to harvest the responses and add them to your own email marketing lists and exponentially boost your on-line marketing efforts.