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Laser-focus Always Beats Mass Marketing

5 Jul

Of course I would say this because I don’t mass market and believe it’s like playing darts.  However, let’s break it down and see why I believe niche marketing or “laser-focus” beats mass marketing.

1)  The growing relationship between technology and people.   It is required now to create innovative customer relationship building such as social media consumption.  Technology has changed how people shop, how people buy and how they’re influenced in their buying decisions.

2) What is the driving force?  The power of online marketing has been global for a while, but after all the hype, local can capitalize with mobile marketing and social media.  The key is find where your market is at and go there.  Once you make your presence known, you will be able to extend beyond your initial effort with loyalty incentives and buy in from your fans and followers. It takes time but your margins will be so much higher than traditional mechanisms.

3) What is attraction marketing?  Basically blogging and social media. Blogs should be more personal and not quite as professional as a website or business announcements.  Once you attract a following, convert those valuable and loyal fans to consumers of your service or product.  Why is this necessary? Because there is soooooooooooo much to choose from. It’s that simple. There are tons of companies that do what you do more than likely, so what sets you apart?

4) Imitation is NOT the sincerest form of flattery.  It is the sincerest form of ignorance.  Faking it til you make it using the new social technologies will not bring you success.  This time last year, I know of so many business owners who jumped on twitter and facebook.  Go look at their accounts now and they haven’t posted in 6 months or post once a week on their facebook, claim it doesn’t work and they get no response.  Ok.  It’s hard to even blink on that one, but the answer is this: you are not creating a relationship with anyone you are just advertising.   Really there is no understanding of  the tool and how to use it for their particular business.

5) How are you found? If you are a dentist, how do you advertise?  Typically a dentist advertises in magazines and small local newspapers.  How do you add the technology piece and more specifically social media?  They could do pay per click and facebook advertising but the key is the current client base.  Have them “like” you on Facebook and reward them for it.  Giveaways such as products, fun family days like baseball tickets are great as well. Also, make How-to videos and informational videos to post on the website and social media.  Having your current customers send fans your way is the best!

6) Speak their language. Don’t go in as an outsider trying to get in. Learn what is unique about the buyer or client and jump in on their wave length.  If you want to introduce something new to a “set in their ways” group, start where they are first and extend the conversation.  Don’t throw it in their face.  I learned this lesson quickly when I launched my Nosey Parker business in Spokane Wa.  Before launching, I had always worked with corporations, not small businesses.  I “assumed” the small business was up to date on technology, social media and niche marketing.  I was soooooo wrong to the tune of 3-5 years behind.  The other assumption I made was that owners of businesses were business people.  Many of the businesses I reach out to are more hobbyish than serious business people.  I had to change the conversation and the level of assumed understanding.  Education was the new theme.  In my OKC market, the opposite was true.  All the stores were jumping on the social media bandwagon and because the city is bigger with more competition, more stores were willing to niche market instead of traditional mass marketing to get ahead of their competitor.

Any comments? Tips, Advice? Please enlighten me. 


Trends in Mobile Marketing: Show Me The Money

2 Apr

Love this info provided by Rob Petersen on Trends in Mobile Marketing, who I found on Google Alerts and now follow on Twitter. If you enjoy keeping up with Mobile Marketing, which is very “by permission”.. you’ll be encouraged by his take on the trends.

Here are 4 trends to consider.

1.  MOBILE INTERNET WILL SOON OVERTAKE DESKTOP INTERNET:  Mobile internet use is growing so fast, within a few years, more people will access the internet from mobile devices than computers.  Since 90% of all  purchases decisions begin on the internet, that means your phone will be your primary guide to what you buy.

2. MOBILE IS EARNING A RESPECTED PLACE IN THE SHOPPING EXPERIENCE:  Online sales for Black Friday in 2010 were +44% versus a year ago.  The chart below shows the big winner in eCommerce browsing was mobile devices.  The chart below that shows, for the majority, shopping with a mobile device was a very positive experience.

3. THERE’S AN APP FOR THAT:  For a communication and commerce function that didn’t exist 3 years ago, there were 6,000,000,000 mobile app downloads last year.  There are 300,000 apps for the iPhones and 200,000 for Android.   Their reason for being is to bring the world to your fingertaps and transform how fundamental needs like health care, business and entertainment are met.

It is predicted the number of mobile app downloads will peak within the next few years.  As a tool to acceleratate sales for your business, now is a particularly good time to jump in and gain experience.

4.  CONSUMERS DON’T WANT ADS; THEY WANT A 1-TO-1 PERMISSION BASED RELATIONSHIP:  In mobile, like any other channel, the customer is king.  When you speak to them, you either gain permission or invade their personal space.  This is demonstrated by their reaction to traditional ads.

So don’t talk at them; talk to them by asking their permission to have a relationship.  Realize that trust and mutual respect are what wins consumers over in mobile, as they do in all walks of life.

Marketing Alternatives to the iPhone

12 Jul

from OPTISM:

Taking a look at things from the advertisers’ perspective, Marketing Vox asks Is It Time to Consider Mobile Marketing Alternatives to the iPhone? They suggest that “marketers might want to at least contemplate alternative – or complementary – paths to reaching the mobile space.” While display-based apps and banner ads are part of the marketing mix, they are not the only options out there. Marketers need to consider reach and although the smartphone and tablet markets are growing, there is a considerable audience without these devices that can be targeted. A permission-based mobile marketing service that utilizes SMS and MMS messaging can offer advertisers access to a mass audience. By taking it a step further, brands can engage in a dialogue with consumers, advertisers can be assured their messages are being heard – plus each conversational exchange enhances their understanding of their audiences’ preferences.

The release of research results from Harris Interactive created some buzz. Citing research findings, Internet Retailing reports that mobile marketing is influencing a third of U.S. shoppers to visit certain stores and “as many as 27% say it has also impacted their decision to purchase goods”. Once again, the importance of relying on subscriber opt-in is emphasized and the value of messaging is recognized: “An average of 40% of all cell phone owners say that texting is “extremely” or “very important” to them.”