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The Different Between Permission & Privacy

3 Apr

I am in the business of Permission Marketing.  With permission, privacy is the most important criteria.  Interruption marketing  gives  no one a choice … with the privilege of choice, comes the respect for your audience.  There is a fine line between intrusion and providing as much information as your audience will allow.  Think about your “permission” plan how if you are intruding?

Rick Buck, of ClickZ, sheds light on respecting permission:

Permission: Authorization granted to do something; formal consent

Privacy: The state of being free from intrusion or disturbance in one’s private life or affairs

Getting permission from your customers means more than getting an opt-in to receive your e-mail and texts. Conditionally, it is about presenting them with a value proposition that instills confidence that you will respect and protect the data they choose to provide in return for the information they will receive. What will you use their data for, and how will you protect it? Respecting your customers’ privacy deals with how you interact with the individual person or their computer. How did you get their information? Who will you share it with? Who has access to it, and are you doing what you told me you would with it?

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5 Jul

Yes… if you are not using online marketing! So if you’re not actively promoting your business online you are doomed to failure. Sure offline marketing is important, but online marketing is not just the future – it’s NOW.